• Original BHP 426
  • Power +40HP (FBO)
  • Original Tq 529
  • Torque +40

INSTANT HORSEPOWER increase between +25(stock) to +40(FBO) GUARANTEED


[ F= ma ]Tuning is based around Newton’s universal laws! Force equals mass x acceleration. Although the mass is “constant” the acceleration can be Modified = GREATER FORCE ! ! !

Now what most consumers fail to understand about the factory HP of the vehicle is that peak power is only achieved for a split second on the Dyno. Our job isn’t just to raise that figure drastically but to ensure higher horsepower through out the entire rpm range leading to stronger acceleration. Dynobunny increases your overall power through the entire rpm range by harmonic parameter calibration procedures and safety protocols.
This means our tunes provide balanced power not straining any component or system individually but creating a harmonic balance while maximizing the performance figures safely.

Generic tunes sold for every vehicle simply don’t work because every region has climate variation and different elevation leading to manifold barometric pressure miscalculations that end up harming your engine health more than helping it; leading to critical component failure.

The Dynobunny Difference!!

*Upon purchase of your custom tune your emailed a simple form that request vehicle modifications (if any), vehicle mileage and your personal tuning request such as e85, crackle maps, track tuning and much more.
We then dedicate hours to a proper CUSTOM calibration based on your vehicle making you a part of the tuning experience & saving you money!!

Warning * If you would rather pay double for a generic flash that’s locked. Dynobunny is not for you. We dedicate time to actual tuning while most big name companies spend more on marketing and charge you double for less. Our company is based on educating and producing more value than charging for proudly and ethically;
In fact We’re so proud of our work we’re the ONLY tuning company globally that offers:
And all you need is a power gate to be a part of this awesome experience!


The Power-gate module  allows you to read and write our custom tune files remotely anywhere in the world! Finally a company that’s up to date!! Now You can also data log and read HP as Well as check vehicle health (DTC)and switch between 5 custom maps made just for your vehicle all INCLUDED!!  


1.  93 base tune 

2.  E85 or race gas map 

3.  Crackle or custom (fill form after order) 

4.  Valet or limited

5.  Left open for future mods! Empowering your experience! 

6.  Stock map ( for dealer visits and warranty, problem solved!) 


Completely touchscreen allowing easy access to pre set race maps as well as octane switching, top speed removal pops and bangs and so much more.. all in the palm of your hand! 


We activate each unit per vehicle vin and set parameters based on your mods and preference (you’ll receive a simple form after your order with detailed options). Our tuning is backed by a lifetime warranty as well as free Parameter updates so when you do more mods in the future you don’t have to keep paying or visit an expensive shop which honestly no other company offers..not to mention the unit has WiFi Making it a breeze to exchange files with our server 24/7. 


We’re also proudly the WORLDS first Nationally recognized tuning association, having 10 years in the industry and leading by example in the innovation of technologies across the globe. 



Instagram Dynobunnyy (FOLLOW us for FREE shipping) 

YouTube dynobunny tuning (FREE TUNING Advice) 


For useful info tips and the easy process, all down to how to use your new tuner and what happens after your buy!  I highly suggest visiting our YouTube channel. It’s just raw information that may help prior to making your mind up about tuning. Always know what your buying ! And the level of intelligence of the tuner you select. After all the Ecu is the brains of the vehicle so please do your research! Just like the human body is nothing without a soul Our goal is bring your car back to life. We believe so strongly in our product, service and tuning we don’t lock our files!  and we also have unlimited adjustments!! An experience truly tailored for your every tuning need current and future! 


The National Automotive Tuning Association

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 6MT 426bhp (2013-2014)

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