How DynoBunny Tuning Works

Updated: Aug 19

When modifying Vehicles to increase Horsepower, Torque, and Efficiency; Performance Tuning is one of the first Modifications that come to mind. Dynobunny Offers a wide range of solutions and services to best meet your needs. From a Global network of Certified shops and Technicians, World Class training, 101 courses, Fine tuning, and Tuning Memberships....

The Process per vehicle varies but is generally the same. We extract the Factory Maps and Firmware, Save backup file, Remap or Adjust Parameters using Editing Software, Reload to Vehicle, Dyno or Road Test, then repeat or complete.


If your located within our service areas. We Provide All necessary Equipment at no additional charge to complete your tune successfully and effortlessly, including you for an educational session, explaining each change along the way.

Online (online tuning purchase)

If you purchase a Tune for your vehicle from our website. An Overpass Module or "Tuning Device" is required* We offer a Simple Powergate touchscreen OBD handheld unit that can easily access most modern PCM ECU ECM TCU BCM DME via OBD 2. The unit is priced fairly and sold at our wholesale cost from alien-tech. the unit is yours to keep.

OVERPASS Unit Rental

If our power gate is not compatible with your vehicle. not to worry we carry a vast variety of overpass units that can be rented at no additional cost, just cover a refundable deposit, and contact our team to make arrangements.


For personal members having a power gate and Dynobunnyd Tuning Membership is a great combo. With our memberships you get unlimited modifications and tuning year round. simply send us data log, and Current File using power gate, and well modify it accordingly to your updated preference.

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